All the questions, part 2

I have gotten almost everything to Streetlight Graphics now except the author photo and the blurb for the back cover of the print edition. Since this latter is disturbingly like a query, I am, unsurprisingly, having brain freeze, panic attacks, heart palpitations… OK, not really. But I’m bad at it, and need a whole team (*family*) helping me.

It was really hard looking at covers and deciding what I like and don’t like. As with most anything, the more I looked at ones I liked, the less I liked them… But I did find 4, finally, and also sent one I didn’t like in the same genre, because it was too busy. So we’ll see what they come up with – I’m excited, since I have no “graphic artist” brain cells whatsoever.

So here’s the 2nd of the 3 part list:

For the formatting, we’ll need the following:

–        Manuscript in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf format.
–        Any photos or images you want included, such as emblems to use on the title page, map of the fictional world, etc. (optional)
–        Front Matter
o   Copyright information
o   ISBN, BNID and/or ASIN (optional)
o   Contact information – website, email, etc. (optional)
–        Acknowledgements (optional)
–        Dedication (optional)
–        Other titles to include by author (optional)
–        Back matter (optional)
o   Current Biography
o   Author photo
o   Samples from other books to include

I spent an hour or so getting ISBN numbers (you have to have a different number for each format your book is in, which I didn’t realize) and a bar code for the print version and doing the copyright legal paperwork. I had registered my screenplay with the Writers Guild of America, but never done any copyrights. So now I have – and it’s pretty easy through LegalZoom, I have to say.

When you start writing dedications and acknowledgements, of course you worry that you will leave someone out and cause offense. (So if I left you out, please don’t take offense!) Hopefully those came out in such a way as to not start the next Hatfield/McCoy feud. Author bio… ugh. That’s one of those “too much vs too little” things, but I tried to be short and sweet. We’ll see!

I just realized – no idea on “front matter” and “back matter”… I’ll have to send an email for clarification there. I also asked them about putting in an excerpt from the upcoming sequel, since that’s 2/3 done. We’ll see – might be a chapter in the back or something.

So we’re moving along! A few more things to do, but I’m still confident in a mid-July release date. It’s fun, educational, and pretty darn exciting.

Meanwhile, I’m plugging away at my Camp NaNo novel. I’m at 53,335 words before writing today – kind of the doldrums, between 50,000 and 70,000, but I think the mid-book is pretty much like that for every author. This is the Christian historical romance, Civil War era. I was kind of iffy about writing it, but I’m liking it! I am glad the War is over, though… it was exhausting!


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