And we’re off!

The more I learn about self publishing (which I’m trying to get used to calling “indie” instead – doesn’t that sound more hip, cool, interesting?) versus traditional legacy publishing (NYC houses, etc), the more excited I’m getting about publishing my own novels. What’s really odd is that I have run into so many people, in person and online, who have this knowledge already. Where have I been??

Today, for instance, I was talking to a business associate of my husband’s who worked in the media/communications business for years, mostly in the Christian sphere. He asked me how my writing was going and what I was currently working on. I was telling him that I am doing the Christian historical romance set in the Civil War era, because I had a Christian agent ask me to write it. And he said, “But you won’t make any money on it. Nobody makes any money in publishing.” He went on to tell me his experience, and he knows people in the Christian publishing industry on all levels. It is apparently no different from the legacy publishers…sadly.

When we got to talking about INDIE publishing, he was in total agreement. He has read, for instance, all the books by John Locke (apparently a Mickey Spillane type who-done-it), and recommended a book he’d written called “How I Sold 1 Million E-Books in 5 Months!”, which I have since ordered for my Kindle (of course!). Since my husband has also decided to go the INDIE route, and we were both there for the conversation, I just thought it was amazing.

So right now, I’m waiting for drafts of my cover, which is the first thing. There’s basically nothing I need to do now but wait, and patience isn’t my strong suit. However, since I am 65,000 words into the romance, and have to finish the sequel to Solomon’s Throne (called The Hoard of the Doges) in July (I’m 65,000 words into that, too) so I can get that ready for publication in September, AND I’ll be writing a screenplay in August, I guess I have enough to stay distracted. Just barely.



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