Camp NaNoWriMo and the June success

I did it! I did it ALL, in 30 days, and that’s just awesome!

In June, I wrote 88,370 words, completing the first draft of my Christian Civil War era romance novel, and got the first edit done. It’s now out to about 10 beta readers, who will get their feedback to me by the 21st. You may think “what’s the big deal?” but I’m pretty stoked, especially since a) romance is a new genre for me, b) I had to do a ton of research on the Civil War, c) it’s summer and until this last week the weather was great. So for the moment, I’m patting myself on the back.

For July, I’ll be finishing the sequel to the Quinn novel, Solomon’s Throne, scheduled to be published later this month. (Later THIS month?! How awesome is that?!) I stopped at a little over 67,000 words in order to prepare for and participate in Script Frenzy in April, so I’m going to take July to finish that up. Shouldn’t take more than a week, although my beta readers may be tired! To that end, today I’ll be printing off what I have so far, and then reading through to figure out where I left off. I have notes and my usual broad outline, and I want to get it published by September 1, so I’m pretty motivated.

AND, also coming up, preparing for the August Camp NaNo. My original plan was to do a screenplay based on a 3000 word beginning I wrote for a novel back in 2009, meaning I would be a “rebel” for Camp. But I’m not feeling it somehow… I’m not sure what part of it. It may be that this particular story doesn’t lend itself well to a movie. I may just not want to write a mystery. I don’t want to write a novel, I don’t think, because I will have done Undaunted Love in June, The Hoard of the Doges in July, and will be doing the November NaNoWriMo. Screenplays are much faster and easier for me, and as August is the last month of summer (not necessarily for weather, but for being able to take time and play at the beach), I would like a little less time pressure.

So, in July, I will apparently be coming up with a whole new plot. Which is fine… driving to the coast and walking on the beach will give me lots of thinking time. I kind of liked doing my Script Frenzy dystopian drama (Laid Waste), so maybe I’ll think in those terms again… We’ll just have to see! You never know. (Except you will, because I will update you here!)



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  1. Your ambition is scary. NaNo wipes me out. Just the thought of doing similar races several times a year is exhausting.

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