Undaunted Love is finally on its way!

Once again, Glendon at Streetlight Graphics has done a fabulous job! My latest novel, UNDAUNTED LOVE, is just about ready for publication (4 very minor edits to do and then we’re on our way). I’m hoping it’ll be downloaded on CreateSpace, Amazon and Barnes & Noble by the end of today, so live in a day or two.

Here’s the print cover, which I LOVE!

We have added two endorsements on the back cover, but for some reason I can’t upload that one – you’ll have to buy the print copy to see them (hint hint).

Thanks again to my beta readers and my daughter, who helped so much. I’m excited that this is finally ready to publish… Andother child born!

About the book:  UNDAUNTED LOVE is Christian romance set in the South during the Civil War. My goal was to have a strong love story, a story of faith and redeption, and a bit of a mystery, too. I hope I have succeeded. Do let me know!


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