Looking ahead to 2013

As a disclaimer, I should say that I’m not done with NaNoWriMo yet, and won’t end up finishing the novel this month as I’d planned. I’ll win, probably on Wednesday (my son has a basketball game tomorrow, or I could get there sooner!), but I’ll have to keep writing in December to get the first draft done. Then it’s on to editing Where the Ducks Went for its late January release. So that’s 2012…

But on to 2013. This isn’t the traditional “New Year’s Resolution” blog post, because first of all, I don’t usually do those, and second of all, those would go on my personal-stuff blog. But it is a list of where I see my writing in 2013. I was journaling about it this morning, and thought I’d throw it out there and see what your goals are, as well.

As I said, I’ll be releasing Where the Ducks Went in late January. It’s (surprise!) another new genre, so I will have to do a lot more marketing than if I were writing (like a sane person) in the same genre where my books are currently selling. But the beauty of being an indie author is that I can go from action adventure to Christian romance to YA dystopian sci-fi fantasy (and back again), and the success or failure will depend on my ability to get the book in front of readers. I’m willing to take that challenge in order to write things that interest me! (Plus they all have historical elements, which is really my “genre”.)

Darian’s War, book two in the YA series, will probably be released in late March or early April. I’ll be out of the country from mid-February to early March, so that will give me time for editing.

I think it’s probable that there will be a third (and final) book to this YA series, so that will get written probably in April (since there’s no Script Frenzy this year!), and be released in the summer. (May and June will be nuts in the Wright household, with a son graduating from high school, a daughter graduating from college, said daughter getting married, and probably putting the house on the market!) If there’s a book 3 I will definitely do that one next, as my daughter hates waiting for new books in a series.

I will most likely do another Quinn adventure, featuring Mac more prominently than Rei and Gideon Quinn this time. These two books are selling better and better, so another one would be a good idea, and I’ll have a built in audience for them. I’d like to say I’d do it for June Camp NaNo, but that’s doubtful with a June 22 wedding in the works, so probably August Camp NaNo, or I’ll just start writing after the wedding stress has worn off. That would be a December release…

Then there’s the non-fiction. Yes, I am contemplating jumping the dividing line! I wrote a non-fiction book in May of 2011, which needs a bit of reworking, editing,Β and the addition of a “things to think about” section after each chapter. It could be ready for release (ebook only, most likely) with only a few weeks worth of work. It’s already been beta-read and gotten good feedback, so that’ll probably be the first domino to fall.

The second will most likely be a fairly short (40-50k word) ebook on homeschooling. I am in my thirteenth – and final, sadly – year of homeschooling three kids, and I used to do “so you’re thinking about homeschooling” seminars all the time. I would like to write a book on how to decide to homeschool, how to know what to do once you decide, and how to do it all the way through high school. I don’t think it would take too long – as I said, I’ve done seminars and talked to people for many years about it, so it’s just a matter of getting that on paper. This would need to come out in the summer, as people are exploring options before the school year starts.

And finally, because I’ve gotten such great feedback on my NaNoWriMo advice here, I think I will do a NaNo Survivor’s Guide type book to come out in September or October. A lot of that will be expanded blog posts, mostly for newbies or WriMos who haven’t been able to complete the challenge yet and need some new ideas on it.

So. Editing three already-written books, writing four books and editing those, and publishing seven. Yikes! But I’m putting it here, in print, so we can compare next year and see how it went. After all, writing is now my job. If I had a “regular” job, I’d be working all the time, right?

How about you? What are your writing goals for 2013? Are you doing NaNo in November? Maybe one or both of the Camps? Will you mourn the death of Script Frenzy with me in April?? Will you be making your debut release, or your fifth, or even a “best of”? Let me know – we can cheer each other on!



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8 responses to “Looking ahead to 2013

  1. I plan to get “The King’s Sons” released in 2013 and “The Esclavan Adventures” off to beta readers (after finishing the draft; it’s this year’s NaNo novel) and then start some serious editing on it. Those would be books 3 and 4 for me. Exciting stuff…. Can’t wait to get my first full trilogy out for all to read.

    FYI, so impressed by how often you do NaNoWriMo events. I’m pretty much one and done!

  2. NaNo just suits my personality. When I write a book not during NaNo, I write like I’m doing NaNo! haha! I’m just a “project” person, and I can hold the story in my head and write it fast. If I try to – or have to – do it more slowly, I definitely lose my trains of thought! πŸ˜€

    That’s great to get the books out – esp with school and work and all that. I’m fortunate that this is all I “have” to do for the most part. My brain cells would give out if I was doing all that you are!

  3. Annika

    I plan on finishing my NaNo novel and hopefully finding a way to get it published. I’ll certainly do NaNo again. Possibly, I’ll do one or both camps as well, but that depends on my plans for the summer. Generally, my plan is to keep up writing more or less constantly. I failed miserably after last year’s NaNo, but this time I have a draft I actually want to work with, which should help. There are also about a dozen Plot Bunnies to choose from for future projects.

    • Yay for plot bunnies! They seem to be like real bunnies, constantly reproducing! πŸ˜€ That’s really exciting, and I’m glad you’ll be doing NaNo again. The Camps are a lot more laid back – a lot of people set much lower goals than 50k, since it’s summer. But it’s fun and a great way to keep motivated. Keep me posted!

      • Annika

        Yeah, they definitely multiply like real bunnies for me :-).

        I’ll definitely keep you posted on how it’s going πŸ™‚ at the moment, I’m busy editing my NaNo draft.

  4. What a great list of goals. I like that you’ll be doing a homeschooling book. It’s been a while since I’ve researched what was out there, but I know there weren’t too many people writing about schooling all the way through high school. Most people were putting out curriculum recommendations. There were some real challenges that I didn’t foresee – like when neither of us understood an algebraic principle, and it took time for me to teach myself again, so I could teach him. Or the days when he would “get” something first and have to show me. “Mom, I’m not supposed to be teaching you.” Even disciplining an older child was a challenge at times.

    • We’re luck to live in an area with a LOT of homeschoolers, so we have a lot of “enrichment” classes (once a week) in every topic. These have been great for high school math and science, as they can do labs and such. Those are relatively easy to start with a co-op. I have a little different view of what education actually IS, too… we’ll see how it goes! πŸ˜€

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