Working in the New Year


I said I was starting my “job” the first of the year. Yep, that means today. I’ve actually gotten a lot done! (It helps that I went to bed at 10:00 after one lovely tot of Zaya with my husband – the downfall of having gotten up at 5:15.) I’ve finished an editing project, written two blog posts for my January blog tour (I’ll post the schedule when I have it – there are some good posts coming!), cleaned the kitchen, organized my office, and made a new sign for my office door:


But I wasn’t so much thinking about today. I was thinking about this bright shiny wonderful baby new year we have on our hands. A newborn, sweet and innocent and full of promise. Nothing has happened yet to taint it in our minds. There are no memories at all of anything ending in 2013. It’s a package with just the barest corner of the wrapping paper pulled back. What’s inside?!

My husband and I started Ross James Publishing at the end of December. At the moment it’s just a way to consolidate all of our books into one place and one separate bank account (so don’t send me your manuscripts please!). Plus it sounds cool, don’t you think? (Ross is my grandmother, who just turned 99 and is going strong, and James was my father-in-law and is also my father’s name.) Mostly, I think it makes me feel like “going to work” is a legitimate thing. I have a desk, I have a door with a semi-official sign, I have a brand new bank account with a little money in it, and I’ll even have business cards. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I’ll go to work.

Now, this is a little bit of attempted psychiatric self-deception, I realize (the “going to work” part). I’m a creative person, and for the vast majority of my life been a type-B personality (you can see my post on that here). But vision and passion change a person, and I am being changed. I accomplished a tremendous amount in 2012, even getting a pretty late start, so I’m feeling confident that I can do the same in 2013.

A lot of people would say I’ve “found myself,” but I am a firm believer that there are seasons in life, and we make choices as to how to live those. For thirteen years, I homeschooled my kids. For ten or eleven of those years, that was a good amount of work. Now that my son is about to graduate from high school and is driving, it’s not even a part-time job. We also have had a business for the last twenty-plus years, and that’s taken a lot of time and emotional energy. But again, that’s less than a part-time job for me now, and we’ll be transitioned completely out of it soon, probably before this month is over.

So now, ’tis the season — for me. It’s not like I’ve been holding back on myself. I didn’t discover this passion until November 2011. But over the last year, even in the midst of a lot of stupid health stuff, it’s been building. The clean slate for 2013 looks bright and full of promise.

There’s a lot happening this year. Two graduations and a wedding, a move to an as-yet-undetermined new city/state/possibly country. My trip to Uganda in February, which will be 95% work and very little play. I got a fortune cookie about a month ago that said, “Success is a planned event.” I now have that written in big letters where I see it when I’m at my desk. I believe that. And I’m planning!

How about you? Do you see this coming year with excitement, or are you pessimistic? What is the one dream you’d love to see come to fruition in 2013? Are you planning for your success?


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6 responses to “Working in the New Year

  1. I love your door sign! I need to make one of those so my mother can’t barge into my room asking me to wash the dishes while I’m busy writing/working.

    My major dream for 2013? That my book, Imminent Danger, does well after it is published. I have a whole whack of ideas for making sure that happens, but a nice dollop of good luck never hurt anyone either 🙂

  2. Tanya Cienfuegos

    Wow, you got so much going on for this year and congratulations on your new business. I’m a firm believer in psychological self-trickery.
    I actually posted my goals for the year on my blog but don’t know how optimistic or pessimistic I feel. I think the one goal I really want to achieve is to see a book of mine for sale to the public. But that’s always the dream isn’t it?

    • You can do it! This time last year I had no idea I would publish 3 books in 2012. None at all! I didn’t think I’d publish 1, and had no idead about self publishing and all it has to offer. So keep dreaming, and plan for your success!

      • Tanya Cienfuegos

        thanks, actually, are there any self-publishing info resources (articles, books, whatever) that you could recommend? I’ve read smashword’s secrets to epublishing and I’m halfway through their style guide but that’s about it.

  3. J.A. Konrath’s blog is great for industry information. The World Literary Cafe ( has great stuff, and I belong to the Alliance of Independent Authors which is probably the most helpful FB group I use. Dean Wesley Smith ( and his wife Kris (www.kriswrites) have great, practical blogs on all aspects of self publishing. Those are my go-to’s!

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