I’m writing blog posts, just not here!

In my frenzy of excitement over my newest release, IXEOS, I planned two (yes, two) month long blog tours to happen simultaneously in March. Well, not totally simultaneously; one starts the 10th and one the 19th. But close enough! (As my dad used to say, close enough for government work.)

While I was in Uganda, I did get a lot of the posts done (there are about 45 in all! Yeah… what was I thinking?), but I still have about half to do. I’ve written 6 in the last couple of days, and hope to get the last 4 for the first tour done by the end of the day tomorrow. Then I’ll start on the ones left for the second tour, by date order.

I’m also working on writing a non-fiction book on homeschooling, and editing IXEOS: Rebellion. And doing other promotional work for IXEOS. And making sure the other books don’t fall by the wayside. And helping my husband with the launch of his book.

Oh, and did I mention we’re putting our house on the market next month, and right now it looks like a bomb went off inside? True story.

So bear with me as I work through my self-created madness! I’ll try to save some great stuff for this blog, and will post links to the tour stops also.

PS – While I was in Uganda, my daughter was checking my book sales, and I broke my December sales record by over 10% in February, even with the short month! I don’t know what happened — I am blissfully ignorant — but I was very pleased. Now that I’m going to be promoting IXEOS with a “hard” launch, I hope March turns out at least as well.


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