Trying not to panic…

act hysterical and give up copy

I have a bad habit of overcommitting myself. Not for things outside like I used to do — not committees or fundraisers or things like that. But to my own stuff. I had this brilliant idea (brilliant from a distance, kind of horrifying close up) to do not one but two blog tours in March for my new release IXEOS. That meant that I had about 45 blog posts to write. When I booked these, five or six weeks ahead, that seemed like no problem.

During my 2 1/2 weeks in and traveling to and from Uganda, I figured I’d have a lot of down time. Surely, with two days of travel each way, and several hours each afternoon, I could work through most of the posts, right? Well… No.

Even having done the trip seven times now, I severely overestimated my mental acuity on the flights. This is largely because I don’t sleep on planes, so I look ahead to vast amount of hours of free time, conveniently forgetting that, while my body may stubbornly refuse to sleep and carry on relatively normally, my brain is protesting by going into survival mode. That means not much coherent thought goes on, which means that writing blog posts at that time is not a great idea. So take four days off the list.

The first week of the trip, I actually did get about 25 posts done. I worked in Kampala in the mornings, but was always back at the house by 2:00 or 3:00, and could work until dinner and after, as long as we had power or the inverter had some juice for charging. I also had a couple of down days in Jinja over the weekend. But come that second Monday, I was going wide open from early morning til night, driving lots of hours on awful roads, it was much hotter than normal, and much dustier than normal, and since I was spending the days with hospice or at the babies home, it was emotionally and mentally challenging. Not conducive to writing interesting and perhaps semi-witty blog posts.

I was done working for the trip at 4:00 last Saturday afternoon, and was absolutely exhausted. I slept eleven hours that night! The next day was packing, saying goodbye, having a good lunch in the city and visiting a local artisan, and basically going through the conflicting emotions of leaving my second family. My flight was at 11:30pm. By the time I went to bed Monday night (Tuesday morning Ugandan time), I’d been awake 45 hours. My brain was… Well, it was still in there, but it wasn’t at its peak.

Which brought me to this week, still needing about 20 blog posts, needing to get back to editing IXEOS: Rebellion, and needing to write on my homeschooling book. Oh, and did I mention that, while I was gone, we’d had a lot of work done on the house, including every square inch painted, so it looks like a bomb has gone off in here. Why? Because we’re putting our house on the market next month! OMG.

I haven’t adjusted as quickly as usual to Eastern Standard Time (thank goodness Daylight Savings Time is starting tonight, which gets me somewhat back to normal range), and part of it is just whatever weird things happen to my body clock with an eight hour time difference, and part is looking at my house and realizing that I have to get it ready to sell. Like NOW. We live here, work here, and we homeschool… And I’m not Suzy Homemaker. It’s a big fat mess, to be honest.

I just dropped my daughter at the airport to go visit her great-grandmother and grandmother til Tuesday. My son will be at a basketball tournament in Virginia Tuesday to Friday or Saturday (depending on how they do). My husband will be in DC from Wednesday to Sunday… My plan is to get all the remaining blog posts done this weekend (9 of them), do some editing, hopefully write some on the homeschooling book, and then spend next week doing nothing but working on the house. I won’t have to cook, I won’t have to do much grocery shopping or any of the other mom things, and my daughter has agreed to help when she’s home (around apartment hunting with her fiance and pre-marital counseling and general spring break stuff).

The good news — I shouldn’t have to go to the gym next week. Packing boxes of books and changing rooms around should cover my exercise quotient. The bad news? Well… the rest of it.

So if I’m not posting much next week, you’ll know why. I will post the blog tour stops for the first one, which starts tomorrow, and reblog them when I can. If I’ll goes well, I may be in bad shape chiropractically a week from now, but I will be done with this crazy house!




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4 responses to “Trying not to panic…

  1. Oh my gosh, Jennings, I do the same thing. I expect productivity from myself that I just can’t manage and that I don’t think anyone could. Hang in there!!! You’ll be fine. Your blog is great and from what I hear your books are selling well! Yea!!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! Yes… that is one of those, “Wow, this would be a great idea to launch my book!” moments that really just turn into a SMH marathon. *sigh* At least I’m down to just 9. Now I’m totally panicked about the house, which is… well. Words fail me! πŸ˜› Thanks for the support – I may be crying on your shoulder soon!

      • you’re welcome to! it might spur me to start arranging to move as well. I haven’t even begun the arrangements yet and I need to get home to New Orleans, haha.

  2. I am amazed you stuck it out through the winter! I would have been out of there at the first snow flake. haha!

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