A book launch and blog tours

Ixeos tour

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I’m usually reasonably good about updating this blog. I don’t blog every day, although I think it would be a good thing, but if I get about three done a week, I feel pretty good about the whole thing. Since going to Uganda, however, my life has been one chaotic mess, and it hasn’t improved with my return to the States!

I am currently near the end of the first week of my first blog tour, with Jitterbug PR. So far, I’ve had guest posts on three blogs (you can find them here, here and here), with another seventeen posts and interviews to go. My second blog tour, with I Am A Reader, Not A Writer, starts on the 20th. I can’t remember exactly how many posts there are for that one, but over twenty-five, including interviews.

For those of you counting at home, that’s closing in on fifty posts! I wrote them all in about a two week period combined (some the first week I was in Uganda, the rest last week), and obviously, that amount of writing depletes my mental faculties. Hence the lack of much posting on my own blog. However, I will be posting links to those blogs, and reblogging the ones that are on WordPress, since there really is some good stuff there. (I can say that because the majority of them were suggested topics, and a lot weren’t things I would have thought to write about on my own.)


The tours are timed for the launch of IXEOS, which was officially March 10, 2013. Yes, it was technically published in February, before I left on my trip, but I only started promotion this week. As these things always go, it’s a slow process, but people who’ve read it love it, and I know that sales will slowly increase, as they have with all the books. Fortunately, I’ve never expected to be an instant bestseller!

I would like to be able to spend more time on promotion, however. I’ve been working like a banshee this week, trying to get our house ready to put on the market. Good news, bad news… I’ve gotten everything but the basement done (good news) and things are looking great. The bad news is that I’ve injured my right elbow, and since I was too stubborn to quit working when it first happened, it’s now pretty bad. (When the scoop for the dog food is too heavy, something is badly wrong.)

The good part about the bad news (yes, I’m an optimist) is that I can get back to work, writing and editing and working on promotions, at least for a few days. I still have to do that basement, but it’s going to have to wait until next weekend, most likely. The bad part about the bad news is that things are more of a mess as far as organization than they were before, because I swapped my office and the guest room and my desk is just piled with stuff. And I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to fix that for awhile. Good thing I can work in the sunroom and just ignore it!

I’ll be posting more about the launch, what I’m doing as far as promotion, and how things work out. Sales of my other books are holding steady, and February, even with the short month, beat my next best sales month (December) by more than 10%, so I’m pleased. This is a long-term proposition for me, and what I’ve learned with the Quinn books is that you have to be patient. As you make money and so have funds for promotion, you get your name and books in front of readers faster, which can help spur sales, but it’s still a long-game, not a sprint. And if, like me, you write in multiple genres, realize that you’re basically starting over with each book in a new genre, and that takes time. The readers are out there, if your product is good, but they have to learn about you, so be patient!


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