Marketing & Promo Sites

email list by genre price varies
NOTES: can’t be free w/in 3 mos, 10+ reviews, 4* min
Book Nerd Tours
Blog tours, blast, reviews price varies
NOTES: 30-45 days out
Book Tweeting Service
Book tweeting starts $29/1 day to $125
Indie Book Promo
side banners, free day $25-50
promo, “cheap reads”
under $2.99 promo
Christian eBooks Today
banner, feature, solcial $10 and up
media, author page, read
& review
Book Blast Promotions
(I Am a Reader Not a Writer)
book tours, blasts, reviews varies – $90 and up
NOTES: GREAT for adding
to Twitter and FB following
Jitterbug PR
Blog tours varies by length
NOTE: Also does PR by the hour
Digital Book Today
week book display $30 and up
week book feature
social media blast
“great reads”
guest interview
guest blog ost
Free day promo
New book release list
Promo sale price book
eReader News Today
Bargain Kindle Books 25% of earnings
NOTE: 10 reviews, 4* min, less than 99c
Kindle Books & Tips
featured book featured = $75
free book free = free on request
NOTE: 8 reviews, 4* and up, only bk 1 in a series
author database free
Book Basset
Featured Author $15
NOTES: up to 5 books, @ least 1 free
paid have to be less than $2.99
only 1x per 30 days
World Lit Café
social media blast $20 and up
Author feature
New Release launch
Gaining review
Kindle Fire Department
Feature $50
Kindle Boards
spotlight post $50 (3+ reviews)
Book Discovery $15 (Family friendly)
Full Banner $40/ day
Featured Book $35/ day
Free book promo free (min 4*, 20 reviews)
Bargain book promo $20
Shelf Unbound Magazine
1/4 page ad $350 for 2 (recent deal)
Book Gorilla
email blast by genre $30-100
starred book extra $100 by approval
NOTES: Max price $3.99
Feature $50 Feature
Feature Plus $100 Feature Plus
Daily Free Books
Book of the Day (US) $17/day
Banner (US) $7.50/7 days
Listing highlight (US) $7.50/year
Banner Forum (UK) Sat-Fri $13.50/7 days
Banner Forum(UK) Wed-Tues $13.50/7 days
Banner Free (UK) $7.50/7 days
Free book of the day (UK) $17/day
Listing highlight (UK) $7.50/year
Free Digital Reads
free promo free
NOTES: must be 4-5* rated, free in both US and UK
5-7 day notice
eBook Booster
submit free bk to 50+ sites $45
Pixel of Ink
Free promo day free
NOTE: Not currently taking paid guaranteed ads
Kindle Mojo
Twitterblitz (free days) $35/day
List on blog free
Prime Tweets $35
Indie Book of the Day
Bargain bookshelf, bargain $50 for 1 book, $40/ea for
scout listing, promo, 2 or more
dedicated post, social
media boost
eReader Utopia
feature deal (2.99 or less) $15
basic (random) free
guaranteed post $5
NOTE: submit book(s) to data base, them submit deal,
steal or new release
eBook Lister
Daily Focus eBook $15
Top 5 “bargain ebooks” $10/day
Top 10 “bargain ebooks” $5/day
Submit free or bargain free
NOTES: 1x per 30 days
Book Goodies
1 week in 1 category $25
2 weeks in 1 category $40
1 week Home page $45
2 weeks Home page $65
Book Goodies Kids
listing, interview, reviews
Author Marketing Club
Featured book of the day $35
Featured sponsor less than $1/day
NOTE: doesn’t have to be free; not sure length of
sponsorship commitment
YA Promo Central
free days free
gold $50
silver $35
bronze $25
guest post $10
release day promos $8
book blurb $8
feature excerpt $8
sidebar ads $15/mo
eBook Impresario
free book listing $10
Bargain book listing $20
NOTES: 10 reviews, 4* or more, $2.99 or less, only
1x per 30 days
Book Daily
Emerging Authors $50
The Cheap Ebook
99c deal post free
deal post over 99c $15/3 days
Romance Recipes Blog
About book + recipe free
Bargain eBook Hunter
free promo guaranteed $10/title
bargain guaranteed $10/title
free no guarantee free
NOTES: 3 days notice for bargain, 1 week for free,
 books 99c to $5, accepts nonfiction over 100 pages
free promo no guarantee free
99c promo no guarantee free
bargain promo no guar. free
free guaranteed $10/title
99c guaranteed $10/title
bargain guaranteed $10/title
NOTES: 1 week notice free, 3 days bargain
Kindle Book Review
Twitterlicious $40
Hot new release 440
Monthly sponsor $40
banner $149
ebook video jacket $149
freebie alert $5 or free
tweet pkg add-on $10
Blog Ads Book Community
Bookmooch $70+
Sci-fi bloggers $19+
LA Observed $15+  (also nonfiction)
The Millions $10+
The Book Smugglers $40+   (YA, scifi, fantasy)
Digital Novelists $10+
Smut Book Club $10+ (rom, YA, new adult)
BookTrib $45+
Literary Kicks $30+
Mommy Says Read $10+
Parnormal Cravings $9+
Cuddlebuggery Book Blog $10+ (YA)
Fangs for Fantasy $20+
Anna Reads $9+  (YA)
Reading Teen $10+  (YA)
Good Books & Good Wine $10+   (YA)
Me, My Shelf and I $9+   (YA, family friendly)
Chapter by Chapter $9+  (YA)
NOTES: many more than I’ve listed!


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2 responses to “Marketing & Promo Sites

  1. Thank you for these links! Very helpful.
    Valerie Alexander
    “Happiness as a Second Language”

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