An interview with Marty, from IXEOS

Since IXEOS: Rebellion will be released later this week (YAY!), I thought I’d post an interview with Marty McClelland, one of the main characters in the IXEOS Trilogy.


1.  Tell us about your family.



I lived in Richmond, VA, and am an only child. I was visiting my cousins in Beaufort, NC during summer vacation when we ended up in Ixeos. Neahle is my age – we’re 19 now, and Clay is 21. Our parents are probably completely nuts by now, thinking we all drowned. That’s the thing I most regret about coming to Ixeos.


2.  What was the scariest moment of your life?


The scariest moment was also the most exciting, if I’m being honest. When we crawled through the drain pipe and ended up here, we thought it was okay because we could go back. But when we turned around and that tunnel was gone… Well, my heart was beating a million miles an hour! And then we saw people coming down the tunnel. It was freaky! We didn’t know if they were good guys or bad guys, and our luck seemed to be leaning towards bad. But I was excited, too. I mean, who hasn’t always wanted to visit another world?



3.  As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?


 I wanted to be an NBA player like Lebron James. Of course, when I stopped growing after the 8th grade and was only 5’9” tall (not to mention that I have zero skills), I had to give that idea up. But that’s when I started messing around with computers and decided to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.



4.  What are your favorite TV shows?


 If only we had TV on Ixeos! Before I got here, my favorite show was The Big Bang Theory. I liked Scrubs and The Office and How I Met Your Mother, too.


 5.  What is your favorite meal?


 Jeez, don’t get me started on real food. Before we got here, my favorite food was lobster with tons of butter. Now that I eat beans and rice almost every day, I dream about steak and chicken and ice cream. I guess I get meat every once in awhile, but I never get ice cream. Chocolate, with peanut butter ribbons… My mouth is watering!


 6.  What group did you hang out with in high school?


 The computer geeks. It was pretty obvious I wasn’t a jock or a rich kid or an emo or even remotely connected to any of the cool kids. But don’t underestimate the computer kids – we were hacking into the school data base, government agencies, and even Twitter by the time we were juniors!


 7.  What are you passionate about these days?


The rebellion. I spend all my time on the computers, so I’m not out there fighting like the others, but I know that we can really help Darian out, and I’m definitely passionate about figuring out a way do that.


 8.  Morning person? Or night person? How do you know?


 I’m a teenager – definitely a night person! Although I don’t get much sleep here, and since I live underground it’s hard to know when it’s day or night.


 9.  Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert? Why?

Introvert, definitely. I’m happy alone, and I need time alone to recharge. Being in the tunnels with so many people gets tiring, but when I’m at the computer station, that’s better, since there are just four of us and we’re all introverts.


 10.  You just won a huge lottery. What is the first thing you’d buy?


 Money doesn’t mean a thing here on Ixeos, but if I had won the lottery when I was still back in Virginia, the first thing I’d have bought would have been the slickest, fastest, most expensive computer I could find. Maybe even a whole room full of them!



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