What’s the deal with IXEOS?

Ixeos Rebellion 800 Cover Reveal and Promotional

IXEOS 800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Imagine a world where most of the humans have been killed and the rest are either enslaved or living a life of deprivation and fear. Imagine a world where you have no say in how to live, and no access to the things you used to take for granted: power, internet, cell phones and motorized transportation.

This is the current state of the planet Ixeos. An alternate Earth, Ixeos was quietly invaded at the beginning of the twentieth century by humanoid aliens. Integrating into society, they bided their time until technology was sufficient to meet their needs, and then they launched a full-scale attack against the human race with the goal of total domination.

They won. They held all the cards. And now Ixeos is a mostly desolate planet.

The Firsts, as they call themselves, are without emotion. They see humans as a lower life form, suitable only for slave labor. Humans are not allowed to marry or have families. Breeding is done in labs. The price for falling in love or having a baby? Death. Or worse.

Life for all humans is hard. Those who are enslaved are tracked at all times by GPS collars embedded in their spinal cords. Rebels live in hiding, venturing out at night to scavenge for supplies or spy on the aliens. Gangs have grown over the years, groups of violent young people who weren’t born when humans were still free and who have no interest in fighting a war with the Firsts.

What the Firsts don’t realize is how many humans are still out there. They have no idea that the rebels have help from our Earth, outsiders who were brought to Ixeos for the sole purpose of helping the humans achieve freedom. And they have absolutely no idea that they haven’t crushed the humans’ innate yearning to be free.

As the outsiders help the rebels organize and communicate with each other, the underground rebellion begins to gather steam. Simon Lockwell, the shadowy leader of the Firsts, had captured and imprisoned the rebel leader Darian long ago. He was afraid to execute him for fear of an uprising. Knowing that the Firsts are outnumbered, Lockwell intends to keep the humans from realizing their strength.

Lockwell’s goal is to perfect the human breeding program so that he can kill Darian and the older slaves who remember being free and finally have all the slaves fully under his power. What he doesn’t realize is that it’s not that easy to crush the spirit inside each man that makes him fully human.

The outsiders’ first goal was to free Darian so that he could mobilize the rebels, who had never forgotten him. Now a rebellion is being mounted, and the Firsts are in the crosshairs.


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