Back in the saddle, writing again!

First, let me get my daughter’s wedding out of the way! It was LOVELY, everyone had a wonderful time, nothing went wrong, it rained all around the venue but not ON the venue until after they drove away, and they were thrilled. Here’s the proud-mama pic:

Ryan and Eric

Okay, good! Now that that’s handled, and everyone has said a collective, “Awwwww, they’re so cute!”, we can get back to all things writing. :o)

And that’s the focus of today’s post – getting back to all things writing. As I said here, I took a break for about six weeks. I was seriously burned out, having published 6 books in 10 months (and writing 6 books and a screenplay in less than two years). I love to write, love to blog, love to talk about writing, love to teach… But I was DONE. D.O.N.E. DONE. Which is not necessarily a good place to be when you have been marketing a trilogy, and still have one book left to write… But I digress…


I am not one of those people who says, “I have to write or I’ll die!” (I’m not a very dramatic person, so I imagine this being said with a hand to the brow and a fainting couch nearby.) I didn’t even know I could write fiction until November, 2011, and had obviously made it that far, so write-or-die isn’t my motto. But, that being said, I love it! I love having the story swirling in my head. I love being surprised by what my characters do. I love reading through my first draft (as I’ve said before, I don’t edit at all while I’m writing, so it’s usually a lovely surprise to find out that I managed to pull the whole thing together). I love hearing from other people about my books, seeing the cover come together, holding that first paperback in my hands. I’d be sad if I couldn’t do it anymore, but I wouldn’t die.

All that being said, I’m really excited to be back at it. I wasn’t until after the wedding. In fact, I don’t know if I even thought about it much during my short sabbatical. But starting mid-week last week, I started to think about the story. I started to play with plot lines, think through the ending of this trilogy, ponder some surprises, weigh some options. I had a long drive yesterday morning, and I spent most of the three hours noodling the story, nudging it, sniffing it, rolling it on its back, poking it back to life. And then, yesterday evening, I started writing.

It’s early days yet, of course, and I won’t finish for a month or so. But I have some cool ideas, some thoughts I’ll keep in the back of my mind to see if they play out into real plot lines. Some characters are already surprising me. (After all, I’ve known these people for awhile now…) I hope I can pull off a satisfactory ending to what will end up as a 250,000 word story. And isn’t that the challenge? “Can I pull it off?” Then the mental hand-rubbing, the Grinch-like grin, the determination to win at this thing called novel writing. It’s a pretty wild ride!

Some of you are doing Camp NaNo this month, and I applaud you. I decided not to, although I’m hoping to finish Darian’s War in July, just because there’s still a lot going on in my life til October, and it seemed better to maintain a little flexibility in my schedule. I will be doing NaNo in November, writing a third Quinn novel; November is my favorite NaNo, because so many people are so into it. The summers are fun, and a lot more laid back, but there’s not the camaraderie that November has. That’s when Wrimos truly unite.

What are you up to this summer? Working hard, or hardly working? Both are important. Sometimes we need to recharge all those creativity brain cells for awhile, so we can jump back into the saddle and not be reminded of all the saddle sores we accumulated last time around.

It doesn't matter a damn how you write



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6 responses to “Back in the saddle, writing again!

  1. I’m doing NaNo camp for the first time, Jennings. It *is* different from November, but I’m enjoying it so far. I can’t wait to talk about IXEOS with my family members who downloaded it this past weekend. 🙂

  2. Awesome! Good luck! It’s very mellow compared to November, for sure. And a lot depends on the cabin you’re in, too. Glad you’re enjoying it – I did both camps in 2012, and loved it. 🙂 Thanks for recommending the book!!

  3. congrats to your daughter and your son-in-law. And to you!!! best of luck with Camp NaNo

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