Would you read a newspaper?


My blog posts have been featured a lot lately on various newspapers on Paper.Li. I’ve been looking at the site while on vacation this week, and I find it a really appealing prospect. I’m not good at newsletters – I don’t really like tooting my own horn about my books, and really, what else would I be writing about in one, since I already have a blog. But I’m thinking about using Paper.Li as a de facto newsletter(s). (I’m thinking of doing one for my nonprofit as well.)

So the question is, when people post their papers on Twitter or elsewhere, do you read them? If you’ve never seen one, would you read it if you did? (If you’ve never seen one, here’s an example.) I do a lot of web-crawling anyway for research, so I think it would be fun to collate articles, blog posts, and videos into one regular paper. But if I’m the only one who thinks it would be fun… Then that’s not much fun!

What do you think? Become a newspaper tycoon or no?


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