Why is the time all gone?


Summer is nearly half over… I’m trying to let that sink in. In fact, since I leave for Andros on August 7, get back the 17th, then leave for Uganda September 12, I think we can say it’s more than halfway done. That’s depressing, because I love summer! And I had big plans… *sigh*

This weekend, I’m holing up with two friends for a girls writing weekend (and author photo shoot!). I need it! I’ve written some on Darian’s War, but not nearly what I’d hoped by this time. It’s not so much that I’ve been procrastinating, it’s just that there are other priorities. My husband and I spent five days away, ALONE. What???? Yep, five days, no kids, no pets. So yeah, I wrote. But not so much. The August trip is for a youth camp with 50 kids, so that’s taking some time to organize. I’ve got to get visas for the Uganda trip, and (of course) I lost the passport photos I had, so we had to go do them again. I’m setting up an online store that has a bit of a time-dependent deadline. I am desperately trying to get back to exercise.

So all the time is leaking away, and I’m not where I wanted to be by July 9, 2013. And looking at the next month, I’m wondering if I’ll even get close. My hidden type-A is starting to panic a bit, while my outer type -B is passing it a beer. “Chill!” type-B says. “It’s summer!”

I love writing. I love talking about writing. I worked my fanny off over the last year and a half, and wouldn’t change a thing. But sometimes I think I forget how to breathe. The economy isn’t great and maybe I’m a bit panicked, and there’s this thing called momentum that I’m supposed to be riding. “Write the next book!” is great advice, and I followed it. I wrote and published six books in a year and a half. I have the final IXEOS started, a new Quinn planned for NaNo, and a couple of other ideas for early 2014.

And yet… It’s summer. Life is supposed to be slow. I don’t want things to pass by so fast that I don’t appreciate them. My daughter just got married – I want to take time with them while we all still live in the same city. My son is leaving for six weeks to Uganda in a month. I won’t see him for almost four weeks (until I get to Uganda myself), and he just gave his notice at his job so he can have some time off before he leaves. I want to enjoy his company while I have it. My husband will be doing some speaking events starting in August and September, so he’s going to be traveling. Well, we both will, but we seem to be filling all the calendar days with being gone, just not at the same time. So I want to spend as much time with him as I can before then.

The good thing about being an indie is that you’re the boss. You can decide when you’re going to write and when you’re going to work, not just what and how you write. The bad thing about being an indie (or self-employed in any way) is that you end up working all the time, or feeling guilty when you’re not. Time is spreading out behind me, and I can’t get it back. I’m making the conscious decision to grab it for the rest of the summer. Yes, I’ll get Darian’s War finished. Yes, I’ll keep up with the blog and the guest posts I’m doing for tours. But I’m going to breathe. I’m going to live. I’m going to work on my tan, feel the summer breeze in my hair, and spend as much time around saltwater as I can.

Summer 2013 is well under way, and we’ll never see her again. Let’s seize the moment!




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