Writing Retreat

Yesterday evening was the start of my first ever Girls Writing Weekend. I’ve taken writing retreats before, but always alone. This weekend, I’m trying something different.

My friend Cheri, whose first novel will be coming out (hopefully) in September, arrived late yesterday afternoon. We chatted, we wrote, we had dinner, we wrote. I’m beta reading the first novel by Heather, who is arriving this morning, so I did that for an hour before bed. I got four blog posts/interviews done for my upcoming blog tour with I Am a Reader, Not a Writer (only two left! yippee!), which was great. (I thought I was caught up… Then, Wednesday night, I heard my iPhone make a long series of my “you’ve got mail” sound. When I looked, I had five new posts to write, some for as early as the 14th!) That means I can focus on Darian’s War for the rest of the weekend – my goal is at least 10,000 words by Sunday, and somewhere between 15-20,000 by the time the rest of my family gets here on Tuesday.

I have this idea in my mind of lots of work, interspersed with lots of laughter (and adult beverages), as we solve all our problems, accomplish all our goals, become eternal BFFs, and keep the house clean. Kind of like one of those movies where a bunch of people get together and laugh and drink and cook gourmet food and tell each other their deepest secrets. Oh, and dance to an oldie while everyone pitches in doing the dishes. Yeah, that.

Kind of like this (the friends panel):


What I suspect will happen is that we’ll get a good bit of writing done, have cans and popcorn kernels all over the house, the dishes will pile up in the sink, and we’ll have a blast while perhaps not telling all our deepest, darkest secrets or solving the world’s problems. Oh, and maybe we’ll share our tattoos. By Saturday night, when they’re headed out, things will probably look like this:

Messy hotel room after party

But that’s okay! “Vigorous house cleaning” burns a lot of calories, according to My Fitness Pal, and the main thing is the word count at the end of the weekend. If the house is still standing, we’re all still friends, and I’m not out of trash bags, it should be fine. Plus, my husband isn’t coming til Tuesday… So I’ll have plenty of time!


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  1. Sounds like an awesome plan to me! My the words, wit, and wine flow freely!

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