GIVEAWAY! Solomon’s Throne turns One

ST giveawaySolomon’s Throne’s 1st birthday is July 20, so we have a Travel Pack Giveaway valued at over $150 to celebrate!! Click the Rafflecopter link over there —-> to enter!

What’s included?

  • Signed copies of both Solomon’s Throne and The Hoard of the Doges
  • Awesome Dakine lightweight, packable hat
  • Keen Hybrid Transport bag
  • 18oz Hydro Flask, keep liquid cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12! (BPA free)
  • Sun Bum spf 30 Mango lip balm

Enter now through midnight on July 20 to win!!



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35 responses to “GIVEAWAY! Solomon’s Throne turns One

  1. I would like yo travel to Europe. Germany, Switzerland, Sweden , Poland….

  2. Gina D

    My favorite place(s) to travel are the US National Parks. Two favorites are Yosemite and Rocky Mountain NP.

  3. naturefairy

    I’d love to someday visit some of the US National Parks (especially Denali, Glacier Park, and Yellowstone. I’d like to see the Grand Canyon, but with me having issues with some heights I don’t think that’d be a good idea…). Unless you count moving here to there several times, I haven’t really traveled much.

    • Oh, the Grand Canyon! I’d love to go there. We were in Vegas for a convention a few years ago, but we didn’t have time for a side trip. I agree – if you have a problem with heights, that might not be the place to go! 🙂

  4. Jasmine A.

    I would have to say in books. I don’t really get to travel very much, just got to go on my first ever vacation at age 25, but I go through such amazing worlds in books, don’t even need a passport. If I could travel some of the places I would like to go include Ireland, Alaska, Canada, Scotland, Wales, India, climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Antarctica on one of those cruises. I am not much into cities, like smaller towns and want to see how people really live.

    • Excellent list! I hope you go to at least some of them in real life one day! I really want to go to Ireland, too – I have a friend there, and he’s even asked me to speak at his church, but I just can’t seem to work it in. I’m a small town girl, too.

  5. I like to travel to tropical places – Costa Rica is one of my favorites. Combining history and travel is great too – like the Mayan ruins.

    • Definitely! I’d love to go to Costa Rica! We lived for 6 mos in Guatamala when I was 10, so we did a lot of the Mayan things there. I was clueless that there was basically a civil war going on at the time (my dad was there working). We loved it!

  6. I am not much of a travel unfortunately. I would love to see the Caribbean islands, Hawaii, England, and Ireland though. 😉

  7. my3sons33

    So far, Vermont. It’s gorgeous, and I love the fresh air.

    • Oh, New England! I haven’t been north of CT. My great-grandmother lived there and we’d visit every summer, but she died when I was 12 and I haven’t been since. One day…!

  8. So far, Florida was the best. Someday I hope to visit Australia!

    • Where did you go in FL? That’s my home state. Love the Keys! And I’m with you on Australia. And New Zealand!

      • Panama City Beach. I would love to visit the Keys and I want to go to Jupiter for MLB Spring Training one of these years 🙂

      • The Astros (are there still Astros??) used to train in my hometown in FL. I love Destin, which isn’t far from Panama City. Florida… how I miss you! haha!

      • We actually had to go to a wedding in Destin while we were at PCB. It was a very beautiful wedding – but it was very hot and humid 🙂
        I’d also like to travel to Ireland. A friend of mine just returned from his trip there and he had a blast!

      • Ireland is on my short list, for sure! And Destin is lovely!

  9. Bex

    Congrats on the one year anniversary. How exciting! Sooo many places on the list of where I’d like to go, India and Italy top the list. As far as where I’ve been Hawaii, Vancouver, Boston and D.C are favorites. Montana is my second home though and I go there as much as possible.

    • Great 2nd home location! I went to Hawaii once when I lived in CA and had cousins living there. Gorgeous, and wonderful scuba diving. Italy is definitely at the top of my list, too! Thanks!!

  10. I would love to travel to Turkey and Dubai. Have a look around the whole country and enjoy the ride.

    • Funny – I’ve been to those countries but only to the airport! So if you go, let me know how it is OUTSIDE the airport! 🙂

      • Sure 😀
        Actually I’ve been to Dubai when I was a kid probably 5 years old. So, doesn’t remember much but all I remember is that the water was boiling hot and it literally burned my skin when I washed my hands.
        And I’ve been to Turkey aswell when I was 3 three years old. All I have are the snapshots taken at that time and they portray a beautiful scenario.

  11. adonica

    My favorite places to travel are The Blue Ridge Parkway and back home to Pennsylvania to see my family.

    • Lovely! My daughter just graduated from Appalachian State in May, and it’s right on the Blue Ridge Pkwy. And you know, I never once drove it in all those 4 years! Crazy!

  12. Theresa J

    I love road trips. Our best one so far was up the California Coast

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