Solomon’s Throne Trailer

Solomon’s Throne Trailer.

Here it is, finally! The trailer for Solomon’s Throne. What do you think? And what do you think about book trailers in general? I’ve done one for Solomon’s Throne, and one for IXEOS. Next up is one for Undaunted Love, and one for my husband’s non-fiction book. I would love to know how to use iMovie, as I know I could do even more with it… Maybe if I had a lot of time to play with it (or is there an iMovie for Dummies??). But I don’t, and Animoto is a great tool for videos.





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2 responses to “Solomon’s Throne Trailer

  1. Hi Jennings! Great book trailer. Love the music and the suspense. I’ve been trying to figure out iMovie forever. Gave up. I need lessons. Soon. Did you do this trailer on your own or hire someone?
    Nice to see you here. Love your blog and website.

    • Thanks! I did it myself. I use Animoto – I can’t figure out iMovie enough to make anything worthwhile from it. I’d like to…. But who has a month to spend figuring it all out?! 🙂

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