Another BookBub success story (in progress)

Undaunted Love 1000x1600 (Barnes&Noble)

I decided to try for a BookBub free promo listing for my Christian historical romance, Undaunted Love. Despite the fact that people love it, and it has good (if only 10) reviews, it hasn’t sold, and previous free promos have only garnered in the 1200 range of downloads. I didn’t know if BookBub would take it, with 10 reviews (4.5* rating, though), but they did. So yesterday was the day.

When I first got on the computer around 11:00, I had 579 downloads. Not super, but better than anything the book had done previously, so that was a positive. I had lunch with my daughter and checked it again around 2pm. I totally freaked out my dog when I yelled, “WHAT???” (Seriously, I yelled in shock…) I had over 8600 downloads! By the time I went to bed (early because of a migraine), I had over 21,000. The total for the day was over 26,000. Currently, the count is exactly 29,275 in the US, plus another 700 in the international markets. The free promo goes through Friday, so I will most certainly be over 30,000, and maybe…. it’s possible… I could hit 40,000!

Now, this really blows my mind. Beyond scaring the dog. This book has a great cover, people love the story and characters, but it’s had no traction. Not even free. And now… BAM! The book is #1 in all Religion & Spirituality, and #2 in the overall Free Bestseller list. Wow.

UPDATE 7/31: I currently have 36,748 US downloads, and about 1000 international downloads. So I’m hoping for 40k by week’s end!

UPDATE 8/3: I ended at midnight last night with 50,390 downloads! That is freaking amazing! I had a BookGorilla ad on Thursday, and that generated the final 10k plus downloads. I decided at the last minute (yesterday!) to run a sale from Sat-Tues, putting the book at $1.99 and promoting it through several sites that had some last minute availability. I’ve had 24 sales so far today. Not spectacular but not shabby!

While I don’t have any other romances to direct readers to (I haven’t wanted to take the time to write another, when Undaunted Love was not selling), I do have the Quinn Adventures, which are historical adventure with a strong woman and a great marriage/love relationship. Hopefully, they’ll head there if they like Undaunted Love. If people start asking, I’ll write another. I enjoyed writing it, but time is finite, so I’ve spent more of it on things that are getting read/sold. (I also have a Christian nonfiction, BUT GOD: Two Words to Freedom, which would be a potential purchase for the readers of Undaunted Love.

So we’ll see how it ends up. I’ll update here, and keep a tally on my Facebook Author Page and Twitter. I’m pretty much in shock at this point, but it’s pretty awesome. My husband said, “Just think, one day you’ll get those numbers and they’ll be dollars attached to them!” Well, I don’t know about that (one can dream!), but it’s nice to get the atta-girl!


Yep, I’m a bestseller! (What???) And you can find all my books on Amazon!



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6 responses to “Another BookBub success story (in progress)

  1. Valerie Vanover

    because I know the “numbers attached to them” would go, at least in part, to those in need, I hope you get lots of numbers 🙂

  2. Cynthia Stevens

    I downloaded “Undaunted Love” for free at the suggestion of BookBub! Let me give you another “attagirl!” I’m only half way through and I had to stop to see if you had written a sequel because I know I’m going to be sorry to see this book come to an end! I can hardly put it down, but I must get some work done around the house!! I will be checking back to see if you write more on this story. I’m sure I will have to check out your other books as well! Keep writing and God bless your endeavors!

    • Thanks!! So glad you’re enjoying it! I have had a number of requests for a sequel, so I may schedule one for next year. I’ve got 2 books in the works in other genres right now (the 3rd in my YA sci-fi trilogy and a 3rd in the Quinn adventures). But maybe one for next summer! You might enjoy the Quinn adventures, though. They’re “cozy” action adventure (meaning clean and just good fun), and the main characters are a strong married couple. And there’s a ton of history. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. I downloaded the book a few days ago (maybe I paid for it? I can’t remember!) and loved it! I came over to your site to see if there was a sequel, too. 🙂

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