My one-handed typing experiment

keep calm and type on

A few weeks ago, I asked all of you to comment on voice recognition software. After reading those and some others on Twitter and Facebook, I decided against it, mostly because of the time it would take to “train my Dragon” with Dragon for Mac.

So now I’m one and a half weeks out from surgery on my right elbow, and I’m freaking out a bit, to be honest. I’m behind on finishing Darian’s War, although it should still be released in November. I didn’t get as much written in Uganda as I’d hoped, as I had just gotten over jet lag when I had to return to the US early because of some business issues I couldn’t handle with a 7 hour time difference. So I spent all of last week going through jet lag all over again, only this time, the east-west, which is the worst. We had to travel to Maryland the day after I got back, which was 10 hours of driving, then another 3 hours the day after we got back. In short, I’m already exhausted!

Do I have time to train a Dragon now? I doubt it. I’d have to order and install the software, then figure out how to use it. Plus, I think my creativity is tied very closely to my typing and watching the words appear. I am not nearly as creative when I talk as I am when I write. I know that’s weird — it’s the same brain. But the process of writing, either with a pen in my journal or a keyboard, somehow connects my synapses. Most of the time, I think those synapses are dangling around, not doing much!

So starting Oct 10, I will be engaging in my one-handed typing experiment. I type really fast normally (almost 100 wpm), so one-handed is going to be much, much slower. That will probably frustrate my creativity, too! But at this point, that’s where I am… Unless I swing my sling on over to the laptop and type anyway, which is something I would do but something I probably shouldn’t!

surgery typing

For those of you waiting for Darian’s War, thank you for your patience! I get a lot of notes that you are waiting, waiting, waiting. The original release date was mid-November, and I’ve had to push that back, but it should be released by Thanksgiving. We’re also releasing a boxed set of the whole Trilogy in time for Christmas! So bear with me as I peck out blog posts, Twitter and Facebook updates, and work on this final IXEOS book. And thanks for your kind words through my various contacts. I really appreciate it!


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