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Release day is ALMOST here!

I was hoping to get Darian’s War released earlier this week, but that didn’t happen. However, I’ve proofed both the print and e-versions, and am just waiting on the final files and artwork files, then however long Amazon and Createspace take to process. I haven’t seen the boxed set stuff yet….. I realize other people celebrate Thanksgiving, too, so I’m trying to be patient! (Not my strong suit!)

I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving, and that you’re not killing yourselves trying to shop. I don’t shop this time of year, since I don’t like crowds, but my daughter’s in-laws were out in the wee hours of the morning. Stay warm and safe!

Christmas-Countdown1I’m going to have some free days and sales going on around Christmas and New Years, so stay tuned!

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Did you think I disappeared? A writer’s tale…

I’m alive! yeehaw!

I realize you couldn’t tell it from my blog activity (this blog, at least). That’s because life just came along and slammed me in the face. True story. In fact, I’m taking time out from packing up our house to write this post out of guilt for not having written in so long!

So what’s up in the writer’s house? Glad you asked!

First of all, and a huge HALLELUJAH, I got Darian’s War off to the production team yesterday, only a month-plus late. Here’s the cover reveal: TA-DA!!!

Darians War cover 2

Do you love it? I do!! Here are all three covers side by side so you can see the awesome work Glendon at Streetlight Graphics has done:

IXEOS 800 Cover reveal and Promotional Ixeos Rebellion 800 Cover Reveal and Promotional Darians War cover 2

Not only will Darian’s War be released (fingers and toes crossed) next week, we’ll also have a boxed set of all three available for Christmas! So that’s really exciting. (I won’t tell you how stinking hard it was to wrap up a global war… Whose brilliant idea was that anyway?!) Now for marketing and all that stuff, and hopefully some good sales coming up to and just after Christmas.

In other news, we’re moving three hours away in January. I’m pretty excited because I’ve wanted to live there for years, but it’s kind of complicated, since we’re moving to a house we already own and which is already furnished. Plus it’s 1/3 the size. So that’s proving to be a logistical nightmare.

My grandmother will be ONE HUNDRED (yes, 100!) on December 1, and we’re all headed to FL for her big party the following weekend. She still lives alone, walks her dog, makes her meals… All my cousins will be there, so it’ll be chaotic craziness. But we’re driving, which is nine and a half hours, so that’s two full days. Then helping my mom get everything ready. It’ll be a fun but not very productive week.

My husband and I have been doing some national radio hosting. It’s been a blast! We’ll see if it goes anywhere, but, as the guy said last night, “You guys are a great team on the air!” I told him we were a pretty great team off the air, too!

C&J wedding brunch

Then there are the holidays just upon us… How is 2014 almost over??

So that is life at the moment, and I must say, I’m SO glad I’m not trying to do NaNoWriMo, and so glad to have Darian’s War done. I won’t be writing fiction for awhile. Maybe February? Or I might wait and see if the Office of Letters and Light does another April Camp NaNo. The next book will probably be a sequel to Undaunted Love. We’ll see!

Meanwhile, I’m hard at work on fundraisers for my nonprofit. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know about our work in Uganda and Andros, Bahamas. The end of the year is coming, and we’d love to have your help with our work. Please check it out, and you can donate on the website or at our page. A little goes a long way, especially in Uganda, so thank you for anything you can contribute!

That’s about it. I’m going to try to be more regular here, or at least repost some “best of” blogs. I’m going to be crazy busy until the end of January, so don’t think I disappeared! I wish you all a VERY………


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Greetings from Texas!

Hello all – and a particular hello to those of you who have plunged themselves in the crazy, wonderful world of NaNoWriMo. Can you believe it’s NOVEMBER already?? Cra…zy…

I am in Houston to speak at a fundraiser tonight. It’s not writing related – it’s about hospice in Uganda, which is, really, my real job. I’m in Houston, right across the interstate from the Galleria, but it’s kind of like Idaho – you can’t get there from here! So my excitement for the morning was to walk next door to the Shipley Do-Nut place. Now, I was told that this was Houston’s answer to Krispy Kreme. I’m pretty partial to Krisy Kreme – we have the 2nd ever store about two miles from my house, and the original store is wehre I went to school. So I was skeptical. My verdict? It’s not Krispy Kreme (how can you compete with a hot glazed??), but it was pretty good. And I got two donuts for $1.35… which beats the $15 + tax for the breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

shipley donut

Since the only way to come to Houston today would have been to take a 5:30am flight (okay, not totally true, but the flight I came in on yesterday would have really pushed up against the fundraiser, and I would have been late if the flight was delayed), I came yesterday. I’m really not doing anything except speaking, so that means I’m hanging out in the hotel. Right now, Argo is on – what a great movie! This afternoon I’m hoping to get at least 4,000 words written, practice my speech, and then go have fun with 175 people who are interested in Uganda. So that’s a prety good day!

For those of you waiting for the final book of the IXEOS Trilogy, I’m almost done! It should be released around Thanksgiving. October was a big black hole for me, between surgery and then an illness. Plus there was the problem of how to resolve a global war. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but boy, is it hard to come up with a way to end it, especially when the world’s population is so decimated that there is ample empty space. But I finally had a middle-of-the-night revelation, and now it’s flowing easily. I’ve been doing some editing all along (yes, contrary to my regular method, but editing while on pain killers is a lot easier than writing on them – which is the opposite of Hemingway’s advice:


but I’m never going to be Hemingway, so I went for it!)

The cover is already done:


So I’m really excited! I’m taking a break after Darian’s War is done to work on fundraising for my own nonprofit and to get ready to move to another town in January. I’ll keep up with the blog, and will start work on a sequel to Undaunted Love in the spring, once things have calmed down a bit. I may even do an online auction, and I’d love for you to “attend” to help us help the people of Uganda and Andros, Bahamas, so stay tuned. (And if you’d like to donate anything to that cause, let me know!)

Thanks for reading and being patient with my scanty offerings in October. I’m hoping to be more on the ball this month!

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