Getting Back Into the Groove – 6 to-do’s


I have been on a much-needed hiatus, but I haven’t been idle! We moved 3 hours away, and into a much smaller house (but on the water, so no complaints). We’ve had some business stuff going on, my grandmother’s 100th birthday, the holidays, and a big ice/snow storm, which the coast of NC isn’t equipped to handle very well. Now that we’re thawed out, I’m mostly unpacked, and things have settled down, it’s time to get to work.

There’s the rub. I’m out of practice! I had my schedule and did so well with it… Until I abandoned it and life got in the way. I don’t have my “knock out 3000 words a day” mojo going. I don’t even have my “hyper research NaNo style” thing going. I feel like I’m back at square one! I haven’t even been spending much time marketing or Tweeting or any of the “easy” things lately. My books are still selling, but that’s a miracle given my neglect.

So what’s the plan? It goes something like this:

  • Spend a couple of hours a day researching Artificial Intelligence/Artificial Super-Intelligence, which is the topic of my next dystopian sci-fi adventure. And it won’t be like anything you’ve read or seen before – no Terminators allowed.
  • Get back to regular blog posting. I have 3 blogs. They’ve all been neglected. That ends this week!
  • Use ManageFlitter to keep my Twitter presence alive. Daily. Three tweets a day. Done.
  • Get some marketing on the calendar. With 7 books now, it’s more complicated (and expensive) than it used to be. I’ve also been *sort of* managing marketing for my husband’s 2 books. I did some stuff over Christmas, but that was a month ago, so time to get a plan, work the plan, BE THE PLAN. (Okay, that might be a bit much…) One day a week on marketing.
  • Go through my email files. I have a habit of leaving a ton of windows open with articles I want to read. They could be interesting tidbits for a story, marketing blogs, world building ideas… It drives my kids nuts, because I’ll have 10 windows open. Far be it from me to drive my kids nuts, so I developed a system. If I haven’t read the articles by the end of the day, I email the link to myself, and save it in the appropriate folder for later. Only later seems to rarely come around… So I have way to many things to read. I want to spend a day or two culling that out, keeping the good ones, making notes, and deleting. I’ll feel a lot better when it’s done (until 6 months from now when I’m right back here… But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it!).
  • Get my accounting caught up for 2013 taxes. I just heard your collective groan, and believe me, I joined in. I did the books for 2013 for my nonprofit yesterday… You know what that means. Writing stuff today. As my daughter used to say when she was young, “Poo and pooier.” But it’s gotta get done.

I’ve been looking at February 1st as my “new year”. We moved January 10, but did it in stages starting in mid-December, so January 1 was kind of a lost date for me. So far, to be honest, February 1 has been lost, too. But I am still going to plow ahead! The marketing landscape has changed since I last plunged in heavily. Amazon now has the Kindle Countdown Deals, which are bringing in good sales. BookBub has totally changed their eligibility, but I’m over 6 months from my last ad with them with several titles, so time to try that again.

Spring is coming, and I’ll be working on my little homestead. I’ve got a big garden planned, and my son and I are bulding a chicken coop this weekend (that may be a story in and of itself!). Soon it’ll be boating and fishing weather. Before all that starts, I need to be deep in my writing habits, or 2014 will be a sad year for my career as an author. Since I want to get at least 2 books out, and keep the other ones selling, I need to get off my backside and get moving. So I’ll be seeing you around!



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