I’m a writer,  artist, wife and homeschooling mom, business owner, water fanatic, beach lover, travel hound, and transplanted Floridian.

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  1. Jeff Pearson

    Hi from over here in the U.K. Jennings
    I’ve been ghostwriting for Internet Marketers for the last two years and now, having produced a course that earned my client $128k in 7 weeks for a pitiful payment in return, I plan to use my words from now on, to build a business for my family, not someone else.
    I’m looking at publishing on Kindle and Createspace and have bumped into your blog doing my due diligence.
    I see you have a link to AMC, which I’ve looked at seriously as a pro member. Will this give me all the tools I need to get up on Kindle and Createspace, leaving me free to just concentrate on writing good stuff?
    Why am I asking? Because I’ve created ‘product’ for at least 8 membership sites in the past, and the source material has been questionable at best.
    It goes without saying that if you can honestly recommend AMC as a platform to build my writing business on, it I’ll join via your link by return.
    Looking forward to hearing from you
    Jeff P

    • I haven’t joined the Pro program. I don’t know that it’s worth the cost – everything on there can be done for free elsewhere. I do think AMC is great in general, I just don’t know much about that program.

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