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Solomon’s Throne Trailer

Solomon’s Throne Trailer.

Here it is, finally! The trailer for Solomon’s Throne. What do you think? And what do you think about book trailers in general? I’ve done one for Solomon’s Throne, and one for IXEOS. Next up is one for Undaunted Love, and one for my husband’s non-fiction book. I would love to know how to use iMovie, as I know I could do even more with it… Maybe if I had a lot of time to play with it (or is there an iMovie for Dummies??). But I don’t, and Animoto is a great tool for videos.




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One Lovely Blog award

I have been given the “One Lovely Blog” award by Brautigan’s Girl. This is pretty awesome, especially as this blog is new, and I get so busy I neglect it. A HUGE thank you for thinking my blog is worth reading, and for your lovely comments. I am truly honored that you would think of me for this!

It looks like I’m supposed to post 7 interesting things about myself, and then pass on the award to blogs I enjoy. So here goes…

1.  I’m a 5th generation Floridian. There aren’t many who can say that!

2. I have been inside the Great Pyramid in Giza, Egypt.

3. I recently went white water rafting on the Nile.

4. I listen almost exclusively to books on tape (OK, on iPod) when I’m driving.

5. I have trained 3 kids to drive, plus 2 cousins when I was younger. I think that’s enough!

6. I’ve journaled 99% of days in the last twenty years. I have shelves of journals!

7. If I could, I’d live on a boat in St. Thomas.

Not sure those are all that interesting… but they’re random facts, of which I am a fan!

Blogs that deserve the One Lovely Blog award:

Texanas Kitchen – Anybody who has a blog post called “How to Eat Ice Cream with your Whole Body” is my kind of gal!

The Brown Eyed Baker – She makes cupcakes, with BEER. ‘Nuff said.

Sarah Herbert’s blog – this is a young friend of mine, and my daughter’s long time boyfriend’s sister (got that?!). She’s been through quite a journey since graduating from college a couple of years ago, and she’s doing great!

Thanks, everyone, for your support. It’s been a great summer!

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