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Chip chop chip…

As we have previously discussed, life happens. Also, $hit happens, but we don’t cuss around here (we call those magic words), so forget I said that… So life has been happening, and my perfectly laid plans for August went up in smoke last week.

Here’s what was supposed to happen:

* I write 60k words for August Camp NaNo. I was really enjoying my YA dystopian low fantasy experiment, although it became obvious around 20,000 words that 60,000 words won’t finish it.

* Edit Undaunted Love (final final final edit) and start work on publication August 27.

* Help as needed for my husband’s book, scheduled to start publication work August 7.
Here’s what’s actually happened:

* I spent 21 hours over the weekend editing and formatting my husband’s book (yes, that was the weekend of August 18th, and yes, that was significantly past August 7.) Then I spent two hours on Monday, and an hour yesterday before 9am. But it’s done and on its way now, hallelujah!

* I haven’t written on my NaNo novel since Friday (yes, Friday the 17th), and am stuck just below 30,000 words until I can crank up again. Hence, I have lowered my goal for NaNo and will just get enough to “win”, and not worry about finishing. I can do the 20,000 words in 4-5 days, so I still have *some* time before I panic.

* I have edited 15 chapters, out of 60, in Undaunted Love. I have 4 days left. I have, at least, gotten all the other information together – blurb, acknowledgements, etc.

And here’s the biggest stink bomb thrown into my party – I found out Monday that I have a “monster” cataract in my left eye, that wasn’t there in an exam on July 19. So I spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday having my eye measured, ultrasounded, numbed, dilated (twice), and generally poked and prodded, not to mention the 4 hours I couldn’t focus afterwards, and will have surgery, but not until September 24. By which time I will be, literally, blind in my left eye. So I am going shopping for a pirate patch today, to reduce the strain on my right eye, but obviously, this is putting pressure on me to finish all the things I’m working on so that I don’t have to read so long on the computer. (That’s why I went back to the optometrist in the first place, to get computer-distance glasses.)

Oh, did I mention that September 24 is also the start date to work on publication of my sequel to Solomon’s Throne (called The Hoard of the Doges)? Yes, that means I have to completely edit that one, too, and write the blurb, acknowledgements, etc. But not in August. Thank God for small favors.

So to recap, between now and, say, Labor Day, I will be doing the final final final edit on Undaunted Love; writing at least 21,000 words on my NaNo novel; working on the publication of Undaunted Love; and doing the second, third and however many edits on The Hoard of the Doges. That’s all. No sweat.

Chip chop chip!!!!

So what are you up to with the end of your summer?!


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