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On Getting Things Done Anyway

yes I am

I knew that the first half of this year was going to be crazy. There was no way around it, and that was one reason that I started thinking about my writing as my job, sticking to a schedule, and being chained to my desk. And all that has worked out really well, no complaints.

What all that planning could not foresee was when some sort of super-bug norovirus from hell attacked my family. I did not have that scheduled! The first to go was my husband, then my son, then my future son-in-law who was staying with us, and then my daughter. My daughter got so sick she was in the hospital for 3 days. The evening we got home, I got sick. That was Tuesday, and it was Saturday before I was eating. So. One week gone. I checked my day timer; that really wasn’t in there!

The main reason this was bad, besides the obvious, is that I am leaving on the 15th (yes, a week from tomorrow!) for about three weeks in Uganda. While there, I never count on having power or internet, so while I plan to do some on-paper editing and writing when I do have a charge in my laptop, for the most part those weeks are non-writing weeks. THAT I’ve known about.

But on my calendar for Ross James Publishing, that loss of the last week of January meant that several January items didn’t get done in January. I had lightened the production load for February and March somewhat compared to other months, and certainly realize that I’ll lose a few days here and there for whatever reason, but looking at that calendar and not having things checked off… Stress!

(Additionally, my husband is at the tail end of his editing process, so I’ve done one full beta read of his 105,000 word manuscript and expect the final version for proofreading at any moment…)

But this week, I really pushed through. I got the first draft of IXEOS: Rebellion finished on Tuesday, racing out before writing the final chapter to meet a friend for dinner, then racing back after dinner to write that chapter and those lovely words: THE END.  Yesterday, in some strange burst of editing energy (which needs to come more often), I worked eleven hours in my pajamas, and revised, edited and wrote study questions for my upcoming non-fiction book. I’m not really sure how that happened, but my deadline for that was the end of February, and that was one thing I’d planned to take with me to Uganda, so I’ll take it for the win.

I’ve given myself two months to write a non-fiction book on homeschooling. I think it’ll be about 50,000 words, and I’ve given dozens of seminars on the topic (tentative title is “So You Think You Want to Homeschool?”), so it should be easy to transfer all that seminar information into a book with some study questions after each chapter and references at the end.

That means the only thing unchecked is the publication of IXEOS, which is imminent. I have approved the ebook proof today, with a few minor changes like the font the chapter headings are in, so that will be ready soon, along with the print proof in the next day or so. The print side and back cover are nearly complete, also. I’m hoping that I’ll be spending next Tuesday or Wednesday happily uploading everything to Amazon.

The only other thing on the February production schedule now is the publication of my husband’s book (which we were hoping to get done before I leave, but that’s looking less likely), and starting to edit IXEOS: Rebellion. Meaning that, for whatever reason, my burst of hyper-productivity has bought me a much more relaxed February and March than I’d otherwise planned, and for that I’m grateful.

I’m going to be doing two blog tours in March, one starting the 11th and one the 20th. I’m hoping to get most of the guest blog topics and interviews before I leave so that I can work on those while I’m gone. That’s something I can do when I don’t have internet but do have power. I guess I’m going to have to come up with thirty or so… yikes. Better to look at that one at a time! (I’d like to get a full list of the blog stops from the January Solomon’s Throne posted here for you to see. I reblogged a couple, but there were some pretty good posts out there, in case you missed them.)

I am very grateful for two things. (Well, many things, but in the context of this post, two.) Those are, that I have truly found my passion, and that my family supports my work. I’ve never had such a sustained period of productivity in my life, but I’ve never done something that I loved so much, either. And when I sit in my pajamas all day working, it’s great to know that my family doesn’t think it’s a sign of impending craziness, just mom working.

I’m thankful for all of you, too. I really enjoy writing these blogs and getting your feedback. So since I don’t tell you enough – THANK YOU!!


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