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Approaching burn-out…

so tired

I got my final draft in for IXEOS: Rebellion today at noon. It was supposed to be sent in over the weekend. I definitely misjudged how the graduation weekend would go with my daughter and family, but also, I’m just burned out. This book will be the sixth I’ve published since July. Now, I didn’t write them all since July, but I’ve written half since then, and all of them since November 2011. My brain is staging a protest.

So I am officially on sabbatical. My daughter just graduated from college, my son is graduating from high school tomorrow, and my daughter (yes, same one) is getting married on June 22. I had planned to write this month, but I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t have it in me. I know the story. It will get told. Just not right now. Right now, I’m going to enjoy spring (if it ever comes) and summer, my kids, the wedding, some travel… I’m going to refresh and relax and READ, and take walks and go to the beach. I’m going to refill the well, which is pretty darn dry right now.

I will be blogging, but I’ve invited some people to guest post over the summer. I hope you’ll stick around, but if you decide to take a summer sabbatical, enjoy it! Sometimes you just realize that life is short, you know? This normally-type-B gal has been playing type-A for too long now. It’s time for some fun, rest, and maybe a few frozen fruity drinks from time to time.

(However, all that being said, IXEOS: Rebellion will be coming out next month, and I’ve got some fun stuff planned, including an IXEOS survival pack giveaway worth $170. Stay tuned for how to enter!)



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