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It’s Release Day!! IXEOS: Rebellion now available!

It’s finally here! IXEOS: Rebellion, book 2 of the IXEOS Trilogy, is now available on Amazon! Pick up your copy of both books today – great summer reading, now that summer’s finally here. Just click on the photos to be taken to the Kindle links.


IXEOS 800 Cover reveal and Promotional

Ixeos Rebellion 800 Cover Reveal and Promotional


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IXEOS is featured today on Young Adult Promo Central!


You can check out IXEOS today, and then IXEOS: Rebellion on Saturday!! The launch date is TOMORROW – watch for links on Twitter and Facebook!!

IXEOS 800 Cover reveal and Promotional

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Cover Reveal: IXEOS

Drumroll please….! Here is the cover for my upcoming YA sci-fi fantasy IXEOS. What do you think??

IXEOS 800 Cover reveal and Promotional


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Have you gotten your copy? And keeping it fresh.

Summer reading time is here! (For the record, I’ve never understood “summer reading”… I read all the time!) Solomon’s Throne is now available on Amazon in print and ebook, on CreateSpace in print, and is “processing” on Nook but will be available soon. Thank you to all who have bought signed copies – I’m about out and will need to order more. But please feel free to order online – it’s a fun, exciting read with engaging characters, and interesting plot, and a lot of traveling around the world.

In other things writing…

I finished the first draft of The Hoard of the Doges, the sequel to Solomon’s Throne, and will be doing the first “quick edit” in the next couple of days in preparation for it going to beta readers. The book will be published in mid-September if all goes well. The Quinns are off on another exciting treasure hunt, with the world’s oldest crime family on their trail. Stay tuned!

The final edit of Undaunted Love begins this week also. This book, after much deliberation, is being sent to an agent. This is challenging for me, because I’m really sold on indie publishing. But… she wanted a Civil War romance, and that’s what I’ve got. So we’ll see how that goes. If she doesn’t want to represent it, I’ll go the indie route with that one. It would then probably have a September release date also, depending on Streetlight Graphic’s schedule.

I am doing a Young Adult dystopian fantasy (much more dystopian than fantasy!) for the August Camp NaNo. I’m excited about the concept (my screenplay is also dystopian, although not fantasy, and I really had fun writing it), and YA is a lot shorter, so it will be a more laid back month. I’ll either get it finished in 2 weeks like I did the screenplay, or I’ll write less per day. Either way, it will be more relaxing!

I’ve been trying to figure out how many books a year I can write and not be burned out. I think 4, although perhaps 5 or 6 if I needed to. But 4 seems like a good number, when you add in editing and beta readers and editing again, and then, well, life. For me, I think the main thing is genre… When I do too many stories in one genre I get bored or tired (or something).

For instance, I really love the Quinns and Mac, and I love the treasure hunt genre and doing research and all that… but I’ve done 2 of them in a little over 8 mos, and I’d be just as happy not to meet up with them again until next year. I’ve had several beta readers ask me (vehemently) for a sequel to Undaunted Love, but I don’t think I will (at least not this year!) because honestly, how much can 2 people go through??

For me, the key to keeping the writing fresh and fun is to have a loose (very!) outline, a fun plot (usually requiring research into interesting and unusual locations), characters that I love (or love to hate). I’m not writing the next great American literary classic. I’m writing to have fun myself, and so my readers will have fun reading. I hope to keep doing that for many years to come!


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Update – Now on Amazon! and other happenings

SOLOMON’S THRONE is now on Amazon.com in the paperback version. The Kindle edition should be up later this week. Thanks to those who have already purchased copies – it was a fun first day!

In other news…

I am at 75,000 words on the sequel to Solomon’s Throne, called The Hoard of the Doges, and will be finished by the weekend. I have a few beta readers lined up, and the first draft is coming out pretty clean, so I should be on track for a mid-September release. Stay tuned!

Editing will start next week on Undaunted Love. After much soul searching, I’ve decided to send it to the agent who suggested I write a book in the genre, and see how that goes. If she doesn’t want to rep it, I won’t query it, I’ll go the indie route. It was a difficult decision, as I am 100% sold on the author-friendly aspects of indie publishing, but I’m feeling good about my decision.

I have changed my idea for the August Camp NaNo. I was going to do a screenplay of a mystery that’s been kicking around in my brain for awhile, but after a boat ride with my daughter a couple of weeks ago, and a fun incident that happened on Carrot Island, I am going to be doing a YA mild-fantasy dystopian thriller. For now, we’re calling it “Where the Ducks Went” although this is NOT the title! You’ll have to read it to find out where…

After August, I’ll be taking September off from any original writing. I’ll let the beta readers loose on WTDW, and either take a break completely, or do a rewrite/edit of the nonfiction book I wrote in May of 2011. We’ll see how tired I am! Since I’ll be doing NaNo in November, it may be good just to take a break, work on marketing Solomon’s Throne and getting The Hoard of the Doges from prepublished to published. Then I can use October to plan the NaNo novel, which will most likely be another Christian historical romance. (NO, for those of you who’ve already asked, it won’t be a sequel to Undaunted Love – one couple can only be put through so much!!)

Oh, and I’m also helping my husband on his final production efforts of his upcoming nonfiction book called You Might Be a Liberal… He starts working with Streetlight Graphics the week of August 7, and is in the final editing and organizing stage.

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