Indies Forward: The Cell War Notebooks

This morning I’m doing something a little different. A whole bunch of bloggers around the world are participating in Indies Forward today, blogging in support of Julie Forward DeMay who chronicled the last seven months of her battle with cervical cancer on a blog, later made into a book by her mom. All the proceeds from The Cell War Notebooks go to her 9 year old daughter.

From the blurb:

What would you do when faced with a battle for your life? Author, photographer and creative spirit Julie Forward DeMay took on her fight with cervical cancer like she was playing for the new high score in her favorite video game, Asteroids. Inspiring, witty, beautiful and brutally honest, The Cell War Notebooks is a compilation of the blog Julie kept during the last seven months of her life. It’s a powerful read for anyone, whether your life has been touched by cancer or not.

Cell War Notebook cover

Here are the links:

Cancer has touched most of us at least once. My mom had breast cancer at 35 and had a double radical mastectomy and a year of chemo. Today is her 71st birthday. Many are not so fortunate. I hope you’ll read the book and follow Julie’s amazing battle and be inspired by her incredible spirit. Then hug your loved ones close.

If you are a blogger who’d like to participate in this blog-a-thon today, here’s the link for more information:


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